Sister Concern

Sundarban Shrimps (Pvt.) Ltd

The Sundarban Shrimps (Pvt.) Ltd. is a semi-intensive shrimp culture project of the company; from where Achia Sea Foods Limited has born. The project is situated at adjacent of the world largest single block of mangrove forest – Sundarban and beside the Bay of Bengal. It is in the village Sutarkhali under Dakope (PS) of Khulna district. Total area of the project is 75 acres and it is situated on its own property. Here, we cultivate Black Tiger Shrimps; which is covering a large portion of the factory needs of Achia Sea Foods Limited around the year. Beside, we’re also collecting some Sea Water Grey Brown Shrimp (Harina) and others sweet & brackish water fishes from the project as the byproducts; among them Ruhu, Katla, Vetki, Parsha, Telapia, Nailotika etc. are significant. The project is expanding gradually every year.